upside to Saturday’s draw

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upside to Saturday’s draw

Postby kema » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:37 am

It was another uninspiring performance at Stoke for Manchester United as they drew 2-2 on Saturday. But honestly losing the two points may not be all bad for the team.

The tale of Icarus is one the less common of Greek myths. It is about SBOBET
a man who wants to fly away from the island of Crete, but flies too high and then ends up getting his wings burned up by the sun. How does this relate to Manchester Untied, you ask. Simple: United could become like Icarus if they had kept on dominating everyone and become completely overconfident before getting burned later.

All teams have flaws somewhere. This United team is no exception, and if they were to constantly soak up the praise they have been given so far there is no doubt they would have been exposed eventually; which is why I wrote that they need to damper expectations. Their crosstown rivals Manchester City rolled over Liverpool 5-0 on Saturday, who rolled 4-0 over Arsenal a week before. United must be reminded that other teams are capable of beating them.
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